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Jul 20, 2015
The razors are the worst NEW
by: Anonymous

I was recently diagnosed with IBS and for the past several years I have slowly declined. As I read all of your posts I feel a bit better about my diagnosis. When I had a colonoscopy and my colon looked healthy I thought there could be no way that this was true.

It began with bouts of diarrhea, vomiting, shaking, cannot move from the bathroom floor kind of pain to incomplete evacuation and constipated diarrhea to razors cutting through me when I expel waste or have gas. I think that people who don't deal with this lack an understanding if how limiting it can be. I cannot eat out because even my safe food, which I only eat, may cause unpredictable results. I often cancel plans and cannot go to dinner anywhere with anyone. I am easily doubled over in pain as I attempt to digest food. For all of you fellow sufferers my heart is with you.

Sep 23, 2011
severe pain
by: lisa

I am a ibs sufferer too.I just went to the emergency room last week because I did not have a bowel movement for two weeks .I got a pain pill and a shot for pain at the hospital too.The pain was unbearable .I thought I would collapse .I got on a pain pill for ibs called dicyclomine hcl cap 10mg.It is like taking a gas x pill for pain ,but much more effective .It relieves the cramping in your stomach right away .Ibs runs in my family .My mom has it too.Also once or twice a week for severe constipation ,I do coffee enemas .They detoxify your body and flush you out and you go to to toilet instantly .believe me ,I have tried everything and the coffee enemas do work and they are safe too.I also take stool softener every day .My ibs is very severe and all this works .I take metamucill, fiber cereal,stool softener and do the enemas .Hope this info helps other sufferers .lisa

Sep 20, 2011
Living with this pain
by: miserable

I've had that razor blade through my side feeling for only a year now and it is truly life ruining. At first I went to an OBGYN fearing it was ovarian cysts because the symptoms matched. Weight gain (I gained 30 lbs in the first two months and my weight has stayed constant since), the stabbing pain in my left side, and it was worse around periods (which I found out yesterday was probable with IBSC). She did some tests with big doctor bills, then referred me to a gastrointernologist that did an upper and lower scope (talk about expensive). He diagnosed me with IBSC and GERD. Then he referred me back to the OBGYN that just did a laproscopic procedure for endometriosis yesterday because, as they put it, my pain was too severe for just IBSC. How many else have had this experience? Well turns out I am endo-negative, and all along it was IBSC. So I'm still in pain, and have a list of pointless surgery, scopes, and doctor bills. This run around was terrible. Online sites say as many as 1 in 5 have IBS and yet doctors don't seem to have enough information about it. I wish there was a better cure for the pain. My boss wrote on my evaluation that I no longer seem to care about my job, and since we aren't supposed to bring our personal lives into work, I can't explain that I'm just in pain EVERY DAY. My love life, family life, and work life revolve around IBSC. My poor husband gets pushed away because of my pain or the unrelenting nausea. All I do is work, and then come home to sleep away the pain.

Sep 18, 2011
by: Anonymous

I can relate to all those stories about pain.
Gall bladder removed 7 years ago then stones/sludge two half years ago and painful IBS since then.
I've had ambulance trips to hospital, loads of tests, awaiting MRI results and going for 2 gastroephogogeal tests, one for 24 hours.
Can't stand the pain. Comes 1,2 or 3 times per month.
My hubby is a Doc and he has never seen anyone with IBS in so much pain in his 36 years.
I get intravenus voltarol for an attack but doesn't really work.
Had morhhine in hospital once - 3 doses but took 4 hours to subside.
I've tried Nexium, lanzoprazol and take buscopan 3 times day and regularlly drink peppermint tea.
Thinking about giving up alcohol to see if it helps. Tried food elimination but no difference.
Going to get reffered to homeopathic hospital next.
Wish someone would find miracle cure for the pain.
I'm shattered for a day afterwards and ache all over.
In between attacks (apart from usual other symptoms) I'm fine. Well I burp a lot!!

Aug 27, 2011
Pain, pain and more pain
by: Anonymous

I've suffered IBS-C for about 15 years with all the symptoms previously described: bloating, gas, the unbearable pain while sitting on the toilet along with the nausea, sweating and incredibly painful cramps that feel like someone is twisting and ripping your intestine out with a hot poker you just want to die. In the past 4 months I've suffered with razor blade, stabbing, throbbing-like pain in the upper left side of my colon under the ribs which I consider different from what I've experienced before...had every scan and test imaginable and you guessed it, they say it's my IBS. I'm living with this pain and various other symptoms every single work is suffering as is my social life and my family is sick of hearing me talk about my bowels! So I know how you all feel...cutting out gas causing foods and wheat helps to some extent to settle the gut but sometimes you just don't know what you did wrong or ate wrong to cause all the pain. In desperation I'm seeing a Chinese herbalist and hoping that she can help in some way....the fight continues. All the best to you all.

Aug 26, 2011
Some relief
by: sripper

I am taking tramacet for the pain and buscopan for spasms and they do seem to lessen the pain and if taken at the right time, the buscopan can stop the attack from getting worse. Or at least enough time to get home.

Aug 26, 2011
I understand
by: Em

Please know you arent alone. My doctor thinks I am crazy. Sometimes it so bad I almost pass out from the pain. I get hot and feel like I could vomit. My doctor said I need to go sugar free gluten free taste free. My diet consists od the most bland food on the planet and I still get sick. Its embarrassing to have to know where the bathroom is everywhere and be in so much pain you have to miss social events.
Im 28 and Im unmarried and dont have a family because Im terrified any man I meet will judge me and think Im being dramatic. If you find a treatment that helps please post so we all living with this painfull horrible disease can possibly get some relief. Currently they have me on paxil (they said it might help the stress related flare ups), phenergan for naseau, bentyl for attacks, zegrid for heart burn, and they had to add a blood pressure medicine because a pf the above caused my pressure to skyrocket! Yeah Im 28 an take blood pressure medicine. Great. Would love to hear other peoples treatments.

Jul 30, 2011
Severe Pain
by: Verna

i have been suffering with chronic severe left side colon pain for 9 years now, at the beguining when all started i did tests and docotrs told me it was IBS as years went by i got worse and worse now it's chrnic and severe and i have nausea went to see the doctor many times and he told me it's IBS no need for colonoscopy i cant deal with this pain anymore i wake up sleep eat with pain it's horrible tryed so many drugs before they didnt do pretty muhc anything i know what you are going through ....

May 04, 2011
by: Anonymous

I am so sorry for your pain, and completely understand how you feel. I can hardly tolerate the pain anymore. My family doesn't understand and are of no help. With 2 toddlers, just trying to stand up and fix meals for them is excruciating. I've always just did what I needed to do, and cried while I did it. But today I'm having another attack, and I don't think I can stand this pain anymore. I don't know what to do, or how to deal with it. I just pray, cry and drag myself around the house trying to do what I need to get finished. I hope somehow, someone should be able to help those who suffer. It is unreal that someone should live in such pain. I hear from family and etc, well its just IBS. So you have to run to the bathroom and stuff.. like no big deal. I don't people realize the pain that is associated with IBS. It is awful!

Nov 30, 2010
no hope
by: deb

today i underwent my fourth colonscopy, i was orginally diagonsed with crohns diseas when i was 19 even though i have been in unreal pain,had weakness,diarroha most days and then bloating, cramps and passing blood since i was 17. Today they told me that they made a mistake, that i just have a sentitve bowel and IBS and yes to some extent that is brillant news, but for 8 years they have not only been treating me for something different, they have basically told me that this is it, in pain eveyday so i can't work, can't sleep properly which results in me depressed that i can,t work or even go out without being sick, even a trip to the cinema can end in disaster. i feel that i have been given no hope of a cure, no help and most of all no explaination or direction. i desperatly want my life back so bad so that even if it was something worse at least they could have operated and cured me. How exactly do you cope? because me, my partner and my family would love some tips. thanks for writing what you did because it made me feel like i wasn't on my own

Nov 06, 2010
pain is part of my life
by: ripper

I totally understand. The razor blades working thru my colon is what I explain it is like to my husband. As soon as i feel a twinge, I know I have about 10 minutes to get home before I am doubled over in pain, unable to walk or stand. My doc has me on tramacet for the pain, as codine can cause constipation and god knows, I don't want that. I sit on the toilet doubled in pain and wish I can reach in and grab my colon. I sometimes cause bruises on my side as i am trying to put preassure on my left side to ease the pain. No doctor or nutritionist or psychologist (yes, docs say IBS is 90% mental...obviously you are in a depressed state when you are in pain the majority of my life). I read on here and know I am not alone, and wish we could all ban together and someone get someone to find a cure or a life managemetn strategy for this. I live my life by going to work and coming home. Anniversary dinners with my husband or night out with friends is no longer a part of my life. I can't risk it, I can't eat in public or at anyones house, it is embarrasing and awful. IBS has me a prisoner and my heart bleeds for you and anyone like us who suffer like this and just ache for someone to listen!!

Nov 03, 2010
IBS Sufferer since 2005
by: Chrystal

Yes, I can totally relate to the pain... and your comment about feeling the entire bowel movement through your body. The pain is like a sharp knife that I have to digest. I can feel it moving through my body until it is expelled. I am never sure when it will strike.

Aug 12, 2010
OMG - I know what you are going thru
by: Anonymous

I almost cried when i read your sentence about feeling like razor blades because that is how i explain it to people. Nobody seems to understand that IBS is not just about unpreditable bowel movements but is unending, excruciating pain. Just yesterday I had an 'attack' and explained to me husband it was like razor blades in my left side, then an elephant standing on it! I can't walk, I breath thru it and double over like labor pains. It is frightening and it boggles my mind that that kind of pain doesn't show up as damage on the colon. I take pills for the pain, but they don'twork anymore. My heart goes out to you but in a way, you made me feel a little less alone because now I know I am not the only one. Thanks for posting ....I will keep trying to find ways to lessen the pain but for now, I have to live my life in fear of when the next stomach attack is going to happen..I am sure you relate.
Take care and I send a virtual hug out to you!

Apr 25, 2010
you are soo not alone!!
by: Louise hunter

I am the same i am only 26 years old and i feel so alone with it, i have really bad spasams and i am on tablets to try and control this. But no one wants to know it really sucks. I have had to change my diet and ended up with chronic dioreha just by eating pastry well i think it was the pastry cause it was only half an hour later after eating it that i was in sooooo much pain and had to go to the toilet. I am at the process were i don't know what to do about my job cause i am just not fit enough to do a 8 hour shift on my feet right now. Well take care and remember you aren't alone xx

Apr 14, 2010
pain day in and out
by: Anonymous

Your not alone!I have had severe IBS C since I was 17 and I wasn't diagnosed til I was 19. The symptoms are horrible. The cramps, constipation 99% of the time!, gas, headaches, insomnia, muscle pain, fullness,gas pains and cramps, bloating, pressure. A total nightmare. there are days that feel like I am going to black out it's that bad! No doctors will help or listen.I'm in my twenties now and can't hold down a job. I can't stand this hell.

Apr 12, 2010
by: stella

I too have days when severe pain is the norm. It's agony, I can't bend, breathe, do up my jeans or walk without being crippled by spasms in my gut. I'm just coming out of a very painful two day attack. Very tender, sore and badly swollen. Back to the normal trips to the loo now and hopefully, my pregnant looking tummy with shrink a bit.

I'm trying peppermint oil at the moment, fingers crossed it works.

Apr 08, 2010
I am realy sorry
by: Siân@IBS-Life

This is appalling, and I am so sorry you are suffering this. It seems awful that you have seen doctors and yet it seems nothing can be done.

I think people do not like to write about IBS symptoms openly, because I get a *lot* of emails via the site where people tell of their distress and pain, but few public posts.

Yes, I do get severe pain at times, where I just curl up in a ball and clutch a hot water bottle and really do not know where to put myself. I was given Codeine Phosphate to take, although even that hardly touches it. And I do clutch at things in the toilet and sweat and cry when a bat spasm of IBS is on me.

Life seems to be a endured and not lived. I have found certain things that alleviate the symptoms a little and have recently read reports on organic cider vinegar containing some sort of enzyme strand called 'Mother' which is said to help both arthritis and IBS (as well as other things) so I am hoping to try that, (it has to be ordered via the internet from although I am sure there are other places in the world that produce this. Slippery Elm Food's mucilage also soothes and Peppermint Oil capsules have helped, but I cannot afford this kind of thing all the time.

There are other people who suffer this, I am sure - it is a wonder that no-one you have seen in the medical profession has queried what may begin this inflammation within you, if it is any one thing, or begins literally when you start to digest. I am very sorry.

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