IBS-Smoothies that contain fresh fruit or vegetable may help some IBS sufferers.

Every-one knows that fresh fruit smoothies are packed with vitamins and nutrients. One can blend any number of fruits together, alone with milk, yogurt, or ice-cream if we are feeling naughty! and be sure we are taking in all the antioxidants and vitamins within those fruits.

Some people who suffer IBS, especially diarrhea prevalent IBS-D, find, however that fruit can exacerbate their symptoms. I include myself in this category. So, can some fruit or vegetable smoothies actually help with our IBS? Would it be possible to create "IBS-smoothies"?

I was tempted to try. If some smoothies can be taken without triggering our IBS or causing diarrhea, they would be a boon to any sufferer, especially those whose diet has become extremely bland as they strive to avoid all foods and drinks that may cause them problems.

This kind of diet will lead to vitamin deficiency in the long term, unless one take supplements, which are still not as effective as fresh fruit and vegetables. IBS smoothies will give us rich source of vitamins and minerals, while being easy to digest and generally quick to make for any-one who has a blender.

Last year, I had a long and painful episode of IBS-D which would hit me first thing in the morning, and so, before I even washed and dressed I would feel tired, drained, and in pain. I was. at the time, eating fruit such as blueberries and dried goji berries, and because it was the soft fruit season, also strawberries. After seeing the doctor, he advised me not to eat fruit, saying that he hated to tell any-one to avoid it, but it was likely that it was the cause of this particular flare-up. I was angry with my own body, and with IBS for disallowing me fruit.

There has been much evidence the last few years that all fruits and vegetables are vital to health, and talk of 'Superfoods.' While the evidence for actual 'superfoods' is prone to swing back and forth between 'There is no such thing.' and 'Berry X from the Amazon is the new superfood.' I believe all nutritionists come down on the side of fresh fruit and vegetables being an excellent source of antioxidants. 'Five-a-day' is the new catchphrase.

So, if we IBS sufferers cannot eat many fruits and vegetables, we are denying our bodies something that is very valuable to our health.

Below I will list several 'IBS-smoothies.' I have tried a couple of them, and none have triggered an attack. I think one reason for this, is that the fruits and vegetables are blended, and do not require so much digesting. I know that a banana will give me chronic stomach ache if I eat it, but for some reason, drinking it pureed by a blender does not affect me.

IBS-Soother Smoothie.

2 pears.

2 carrots.

½ Pineapple (or one small tin in natural juice.)

½ inch (1 cm) of ginger root.

Cut the pears into quarters, and take out the core and seeds, then cut into small pieces, and place in the blender.

Top and tail the carrots and peel, and cut into small rounds or chunks. Place in the blender.

If using a fresh pineapple, top, and tail, then cut into chunks, or drain the can, and add to the blender.

Peel the ginger root and then cut into small slices.

Close up the blender and blend until liquid and frothy.

IBS-smoothies made with these ingredients contains: Beta-carotene, folic acid, vitamin C, calcium, magnesium, manganese, phosphorus, potassium, sodium and sulphur.

The IBS Smoothie That Did Not Trigger My IBS.

I put this together in the hope that none of the ingredients would trigger an IBS spasm, and was very pleased when I digested it with no problems at all.

1 Banana.

1 Apple

A large handful of blueberries.

1 Kiwi Fruit.

Seven or eight strawberries.

Half a large tub of pro biotic yogurt. (I used Onken, but any pro biotic yogurt can be used.)

Half a pint of milk.

Blend until smooth and creamy.

If you are avoiding dairy, substitute the yogurt and milk for half a pint of cranberry, pomegranate or cherry juice; all contain antioxidants, and none of them have triggered my IBS.

With a little experimentation, you may find IBS-smoothies could become a part of your regular diet without the IBS woes.

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